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Suzy Likes to Look at Balls

Season 1--Book 1

"Suzy likes to look at balls and if you play a sport, chances are before too long she'll take a look at yours...This book she wrote for you and me just to clue us in, on all the balls that Suzy's seen and where those balls have been."

Somewhere east of Winslow, Arizona as the peace pipe made its rounds through their hastily erected and smoke filled wigwam, two literary mavericks laid plans to change the world...or at least to enlighten those who practice the age-old tradition of “story time”.

Bimisi Tayanita and Sumguyen Bangladesh remember the “story time” of their youth with fondness.  Now, years later, with blatant disregard toward the advice they paid an attorney $134 for; they have set out to make those precious moments just before bed every bit as satisfying for dad (or any other reader) as they are for junior.

“Yeah, they will probably try to sue you...”

--Christopher D. Williams, Legal Counsel

Suzy Likes to Look at Balls” is the first of five books that make up Season One.

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What our readers have to say...

I can't believe this ever got printed!

I have never seen a bedtime story that is so laugh out loud hilarious!
The humor lies in the fact that there is nothing offensive about what it says! My mother (age 74) could read this to my son (age 6) and neither of them would think it was anything more than another well written, beautifully illustrated storytime classic.


Bimisi has some huge cohones

The celebrities depicted in this “kid’s book” for adults are spot on!


You guys are awesome!

If Cards Against Humanity is a game for horrible people, Suzy Likes to Look at Balls is the book horrible people read while they play Cards Against Humanity!
Reach Around Books should change their tag line to “Books for horrible people”.


This is the funniest kids book ever written!

I have seen a TON of inappropriate children's books...but this one takes the cake!
If you want to go the fuck to sleep look elsewhere...If you want to laugh your butt off for hours and hours this book is all you need.
This is by far the best material I've ever had the privilege of reading and highly recommend it.



This tops the list of inappropriate children’s books that actually exist!


Side-splitting, rib-tickling, laugh-a-minute fun!

Looking for contentious humor in the form of a seemingly innocent nursery book?
Look no further, prepare to wet yourself with laughter!


Wouldn’t change a thing!

Bimisi is brilliant!



Funny gag gift for a funny people.


Five Stars!

Adult humor for sure, but still safe for kids… Brilliant!!


You must read this book!

Seriously. This book is so funny. I'll give it to everybody I know when they have their first kid!


Great book!

I bought this as an gag gift for my best friend for her baby shower, she read it to everyone at the party and had everyone laughing their a$$es off.


True colors...

My friend was “offended” when I showed her my Reach Around...that b**ch is no longer my friend.



It just sits on my coffee table...waiting for a victim. Never fails to get laugh-out-loud reactions from guests.



Ridiculously funny book, if you have the right sense of humor


Hilarious children’s book

You should get this. It is hilarious, and will make for good kindling if the winter last too long.



Funny, Funny, FUNNY....yep.


Great gag gift!

Very funny, you could indeed read it to kids, the illustrations and the wording are perfectly innocent. I bought several copies whereas it's a great gag gift for my friends with their twisted senses of humor.


Insanely funny book

Fun for a child to read, insanely fun for an adult to read.
The humor goes right over a child's head but is more than enough to keep an adult entertained while reading it to their kids.


...Very intelligent humor!

Such a great and funny book! It's definitely a classic in the making,
it just isn't received in the innapropriate way for kids...right over their heads...very intelligent humor!


...A story adults can laugh to

I love this book. It's a fun loving little child's book. It's beautifully illustrated and It's a story adults can laugh to while reading to their oblivious young children.



Suzy, I too have always liked to look at balls….until now there was never a book that specifically talked about it.
Now I can share my love for reading and looking at balls with my children.


Funniest book ever!

My five year old nephew keeps asking people to read it to him. He doesn't get it at all, but all the adults are always rolling on the floor.


Perfectly funny kid’s book

The perfect addition to my collection. I seem to feel the need to build a library of inappropriate children's books.


Ingenious books, all five of them!

Anybody who thinks they shouldn't read this to children...the problem is yours!
What child would hear the words in these books and think the same perverted things that you are?


Yes...I am immature.

This is the funniest things I've ever seen. Yes, I'm immature, just like me, this book will never get old.


...White elephant gag gift

Purchase this book! You’ll be glad you did! I'm going to purchase another one as a white elephant gag gift for the Christmas party at work.


Better than Crack!

Funnier than Hell. I bought this masterpiece for the fun of watching the reactions of people when I hand it to them and watch them read it.


They actually wrote this Children’s book?

A must have for any book lover with a tilted sense of humor.


Hilarious children’s book

I challenge you to keep a straight face while reading this. Hilarious and possibly offensive…
If you are offended think about what the book actually says and you might come to the conclusion that it is YOU who has the dirty mind...the book is completely innocent!


...The physical book increases the funny factor!

I seriously had tears in my eyes the first time I read this, which is insane because I already knew the entire book from viewing it online.
Holding the physical book in your hand increases the funny factor by 10 fold!


Great gag gift!

A raging hit. My friends all have a solid sense of humor and they just could not stop laughing...This was even better than our first game of “Cards Against Humanity”!


Way better than the other Balls book!

Got this book for friends who are new parents. Best bedtime story ever written.


Best baby shower gift ever!

This book was perfect for a gag gift.


Extremely funny children’s book

Got this book for a friend of mine who just had a baby. He loves it. The book is really well illustrated and is extremely funny.


Somebody is going to get sued over this!

Hilarious! Shortly after we had or third child this showed up in the mailbox, a gift from my mom. I have never laughed so hard in my life!


Perfect addition to the library!

A fantastic gift for new parents!


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