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Brenda's Beaver Needs a Barber!

Season 1--Book 5

"I think I have met Brenda...Oh God, right now I am Brenda!"

--Bimisi Tayanita--to street performer

Sumguyen has always had a thick mane of hair, in the summer of 2016 he decided to grow a beard.  Deep into month three he started to look like an armpit with eyeballs.

It was a sultry August night in Old Town Scottsdale.  As Bimisi and Sumguyen made their way from one bar to another they took pause to to enjoy the rhythms of a homeless crooner who was soulfully picking his guitar.  When Sumguyen threw a five into his tip jar the artist looked up, thanked him with a nod and said:

“That is a beautiful beard. My friend Brenda has a beard just like that, but hers doesn’t talk.”

A fair amount of beer sprayed from Bimisi’s nose...and just like that they had their subject matter for the final book of Season One.

Brenda's Beaver Needs a Barber” is the fifth of five books that make up Season One.

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What our readers have to say...

...highlight of the day!

Must have gift for a bridal shower! We read this kid’s book at my sister’s shower and it was the highlight of the day! So many things for us girls to giggle about!


...outlandish content...

The rhyming and flow of this children’s book is perfect... along with the outlandish content of course!


Destined to become an instant classic.

I hope you printed over a million copies...You will sell them all!



My sisters and I laugh so hard at this book because our new step mom’s beaver needs a barber too!!
Do you think this book could give her a clue! HAHAHA!!


...Can't stop laughing!

Hands down the funniest illustrated story book I have ever read! Can’t stop laughing!


...my new favorite book...

I am a literature major at a prestigious University...should I be ashamed that my new favorite book is 32 pages long?


...I met Brenda...

I met Brenda last weekend...she was calling herself Sarah. I promptly lost her number.


Funny Book

Probably the funniest book ever written.


Completely original!

Much better than a parody of a children's book….Completely original! Everyone I have read it to has teared up from laughing so hard.


Huge hit!

I used this as a gag gift for my mom and it was a huge hit!


Very funny

This is a great book for new or expecting parents. It is very funny. Would recommend to all.


Nailed it

Funniest book I have read in a long time.



I would recommend this is for a mature and immature audience alike!


Best gift at the baby shower

Take that all you b*tches who dropped $200+ trying to be as cool as me!



A cute book for kids….A cute book for ADULTS!!!



Great puns and impressive artwork!


Cute storyline

Any kid that you read this to isn't going to think about anything inappropriate--
they are going to think it is a book about a girl with a pet beaver...who needs a barber, such a cute storyline!



I have read this book countless times and still can't get through it with a straight face.


Gender reveal gift

I gave this as a gift to my best friend at her gender reveal party. She read it aloud everyone was laughing so hard over this book.
I will be buying it for any other expecting parents that I encounter.


They won't expect it

Very funny book for those with a little bit of a dirty sense of humor. Makes a great gift for friends with new kids...They won't expect it.


Oh Yeah!

Anyone with a twisted mind like myself will find this book hilarious!!!!


Very happy

Exactly as described. Very happy with my purchase. This book looks like it's for kids but it's not.


...Cunning sense of wit!

Hilarious! So inappropriate and so innocent at the same time, the writer has a cunning sense of wit!
Perfect for a good laugh for the secretly dirty minded.



This book is hilarious. Hand it to an unsuspecting coworker who thinks this is actually a child's book and watch their face as they figure out the gag...PRICELESS!


...Money well spent.

My 70 year old mother (who has a stick up her a$$ most of the time) laughed out loud while reading this...money well spent.


...Very inappropriate

It has been quite the conversation starter. It is very inappropriate to the adult mind.


...Not as innocent as it may appear!

I work at the hospital, gave this to one of the nurses…
she got all the way to “Savannah pulled her beaver back to show off what she’d done, her’s has a nice long landing patch...it looks like it’d be fun”
before she caught on that this book is not as innocent as it may appear!


...doubled up with laughter

Pure comedic genius disguised as a children's book, which in my opinion, makes it funnier.
The innocence of the illustrations coupled with the double entendre text had me doubled up with laughter.


These books are magnificent.

The character development is hilarious, if you pay attention, the main characters from each book make cameo appearances in the other books...too funny.
As I am reading Put Tony’s Nuts in Your Mouth, my son is pointing out, “hey there’s Spank the Monkey” and “look, Kate and Tim are having a swingers party!”...
The storylines demand your attention. The illustrations are outstanding. What a wonderful 5 book series.


Insanely funny!

I can't believe this is actually a book! How in the Hell did they pull this off?!?!


Laugh out loud funny.

It was a gift from my daughter for Mother's Day. Perfect gift, going to be hard to beat.


This is a ridiculously funny book!

I bought it for some neighbors who are new parents, upon receipt, they called me and could not even talk...took me a while to figure out if they were mad about it...turns out they were having a fit of laughter!


Baby shower hit!

I bought this as a gag gift for a baby shower. It was a huge hit. I had a lot of fun reading it prior to gifting as well.


My favorite book

After getting my wife several other books along these lines I came across this one.
We could not stop laughing and have been sharing this book with everyone we know.
Will definitely be my favorite book for awhile.



Great gift for an expecting dad. Beats the Hell out of a cigar.


“we have all been there”

I bought this as a baby shower gift, It was a hit and provided many laughs, my sister in law loved it...
The girls in attendance agreed, “we have all been there”.


This is a ridiculously funny book!

I bought it for some neighbors who are new parents, upon receipt, they called me and could not even talk...took me a while to figure out if they were mad about it...turns out they were having a fit of laughter!


How well do you know your friends?

Will for sure get those smiles and laughs unless you've completely misjudged your friend’s sense of humor.


...Perfect gift

Written in a children's story format, this funny adult book will have you laughing out loud.
This is a perfect gift for new parents with a sense of humor.


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