Who in the Hell are you people?

offensive children's books for adults
A young Bimisi & Sumguyen create a "self portrait" on a wall behind a bar in Yuma AZ.

Bimisi Tayanita is Indian (feather not dot).  

Sumguyen Bangladesh is Indian (dot not feather).

  When they met they figured they might as well team up, them both being Indian and all.  After the "teaming up" they decided as long as they were teamed up they might as well have a purpose, and that purpose might as well be introducing the world to a series of hilariously inappropriate children's books.

Join in the fun as Reach Around Books takes you on a journey through their ill-advised and half-drunken misadventures...

A note from the creator...

As the father of five I have done more "story time" than I would wish on my worst enemy. Somewhere around kid three I started changing the stories to make the process a bit more bearable, but kids ain't dumb, not mine anyway...Immediately after even a tiny variation I was hit with "That's NOT how it goes!"  

Being just as clever as my kids, I came up with a simple workaround...I'd write my own book and read it word for word EXACTLY how it goes, it was brilliant. I did it again. Story time was getting fun.

Somewhere around book three my drinking buddies got a hold of them...They were laughing so hard that some of them were crying, one of my wife's friends admitted that "she pee'd a little".  That was the "ah-ha" moment that brought us to where we are now.  It is time to share these works of art with the world.   

As a connoisseur of fine humor, I believe these things should be done properly.  Reach Around Books are 20.3 X 20.3 X 1 CM, hardcover with beautiful glossy pages. If you have tried other "inappropriate" or "controversial" children's books I can say with confidence that these are longer, thicker and harder than what you are probably used to.  

Through the timeless power of double entendre, Reach Around Books will have the reader in tears of laughter while to any juvenile listener they are completely innocent. If you are offended by humor, don't buy our books. If your kid is offended by our books, that implies they understand terms only found in the Urban Dictionary™...You failed as a parent long before Reach Around Books came into your life.


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