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Come Swing with Us!

Season 1--Book 2

"It is the curious work of poetry and art and reflection to reveal meaning by obscuring meaning. It is a strange realm where swinging is not swinging, except when sometimes it is."

--Mateo Luna

On her own artistic journey to spiritual enlightenment, Bimisi Tayanita has once again transformed her peyote induced mumblings into a physical form that is sure to make you laugh hysterically...and leave you with an empty yet benevolent curiosity as to the kind of person you really are.

Come Swing with Us!” is the second of five books that make up Season One.

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White elephant party gift idea

What our readers have to say...

HAHA so innocent yet so not!

Filled with double entendre that goes right over a kid’s head


I am pretty sure I get what is going on here...

Not 100%, but pretty sure.


Glad to see someone else is looking for the unicorn!

This innocent little children’s book gave my wife and I a good laugh


“Are you sure this is a kid’s book?

I don’t know a whole lot of swinger lingo, but this books seems to take a turn about halfway through!


Nicely played.

This is the most appropriate “inappropriate” children’s book you will ever find. Anybody who complains about this book is just "stuffy".


Perfectly done Bimisi!”

This book could be sold in certain “swingers” resorts as a souvenir!”

--Charlie (the Boss)

Still laughing...

Watching my dad read this story book as he began to get the double meaning made my day, still laughing at the expression on his face!”


Perfect adult party gift

Absolutely hilarious! Everybody was crying from laughter while reading aloud.



I can only hope that Season One is the first installment of many to come!


This book is tooo funny

Naughty books are my thing. This one is awesome.


...White elephant gift

What a great, and hilariously, unexpected white elephant gift. It was the hit of the party.


The double meaning is very well done!

The children will not understand why you are laughing so hard…


Bimisi is a genius.

The "naughty" part is only known to adults, make it a challenge for yourself to read it to your kid without bursting into laughter.


Come Swing with Me!

Great for laughs at a baby shower or swingers party...incredibly versatile.


Hilarious children’s book

Come Swing with Us!t is the best conversation starter/ice breaker for any first time meeting in the lifestyle!


Kid’s book?

Great birthday gift for the closet pervert that has everything


A real eye opener!

I gave this book to my girlfriend, to see it she got the references...she sure as sh*t did. I am pretty sure she is into swinging.


Irreverently funny book

Made for great laughs at the office gift exchange party.


Very witty humor!

A true gem of a book...Can't remember when I laughed this hard. Suggestive...but is it? Really????


I love this book

I had tears in my eyes I laughed so hard. It's so innocently dirty!


...They even swing with plain vanilla!

Could not stop laughing. I tried to explain the book to my mom, got a bit awkward.


Funniest “children’s book” ever written!

If you've got a twisted and demented sense of humor, you'll LOVE this book. I love how innocent and naive children are. The funny thing is, the humor is over the head of several adults I know.


Very funny kid’s book/gag gift

Bought this book as a joke for my son and have since read it aloud to people on several occasions. Will be purchasing more as gag gifts.


Well done...

So funny. Extremely high quality and hard cover. Very impressed with the thought that went into this.


Funniest book ever written.

It is the funniest book ever written. To a small child it is merely a book about swinging. To an adult it is also a book about swinging (wink, wink).


Oh golly!

So inappropriate and so hysterically funny! I have read this to all my children.


Perfect for any occasion

This would not be appropriate for a classroom, but made a great gag gift for a school teacher we met at a swingers resort!

--Amy and Wren

They actually wrote these children’s books?

I took the Season One Boxset to work and showed my coworkers...no work got done for about an hour and a half...it was the break that we all needed!
We wholeheartedly recommend these books for any new parent...or any old parent...or any un-parent who needs a laugh.


Hilarious children’s book

The book is hilarious! I can't wait to give this to my BFF for her baby shower. She is that kind of girl.


...I admit, it went over my head.

I had to look up “unicorn” and “plain vanilla” in the urban dictionary...Bimisi is a rock star!


A truly talented author

My twins love this book almost as much as my wife loves hearing me read it out loud to them, which is hard to do with a straight face.
This book is over the top with twisted adult humor, but the naughtiness goes right over my children's heads, which makes it even funnier.


Excellent wedding shower present

I bought this for a wedding shower. Absolutely hilarious for the right couple.


Suggestive gift for hubby

Bought this book for my husband as a joke since we always joke about swinging. He loved it. It's hilarious!


A children’s book for swingers...WOW.

This book had me laughing nearly to tears. Perfection on a subject not widely spoken about...I could tell my husband was totally into it, until the last page…”Tim will swing with something fruity” it looked like he’d been sprayed with mace...TOO FUNNY!


Incredible detail!

The detail is incredible, things most people don’t get...the black kid with the jack of spades shirt on page 2 had me rolling and it just got better from there!


Send us a check, Bimisi!

Took this with us on an “adults only” cruise...We probably should get a commission, I think half the ship got online and order a copy!

--Jake and Jessi

You’ve outdone yourselves!

Delightfully naughty!


Send us a check, Bimisi!

I gave this book to my boyfriend as part of the "surprise, I am totally into swapping!" I thought it would be funny. He laughed out loud as he read it. A great silly gift for every swinger.


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