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Put Tony's Nuts in Your Mouth!

Season 1--Book 4

"If you have not done it yet, you are really missing out...Grab a sack of Tony's nuts and put them in your mouth!"

--The Johnson twins

Curious but not concerned as to where they would sleep that night,

Bimisi Tayanita and Sumguyen Bangladesh aimlessly meandered down the cobblestone calles of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  

As the sun dipped into the Pacific they found themselves sequestered

by a weathered native nut peddler (apparently named Tony) who mimed towards his cart and through guttural broken English encouraged them to “Put Tony’s

nuts in your mouth…”

60 pesos later, as a cold cerveza complimented the first of Tony’s nuts, pen was put to parchment and book four of season one came to be.

Put Tony's Nuts in Your Mouth” is the fourth of five books that make up Season One.

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What our readers have to say...

5 star funny!

A children's book for adults... when children say some of the things in this book it is adorable but when adults say it, it might be misconstrued…


The play on words is fantastic

I laughed so hard..so innocent, but NOT. The play on words is the best I have ever seen.
I enjoyed Tony’s Nuts thoroughly and encourage you to do the same.


Are your kids dirt bags?

This book is hilarious. not appropriate for kids...especially if your kids are dirt bags who understand what it really says.



I can spend all day reading and laughing at these!


Grab a sack of Tony’s nuts!

I gave it as a gift. The recipient is still laughing.


Humor in its purest form

It's so innocent to children, and to adults who are so boring that I wouldn’t want to hang out with.


I love nuts.

Very funny. Great white elephant gift!


Funniest book ever I love it!

This book has become my kid’s favorite bedtime story.


Kid’s book? You bet your ass it is!

This book is disgusting, gross, evil, nasty, and just plain disturbing...but if you admit that, then YOU are the one with the dirty mind, because is says NOTHING wrong!!! HAHAHAHAH!


kid’s book for grown ups

I pee'd my pants!...just a little.


...Tony and his nuts is my favorite!

I love the whole set of Reach Around Books but Tony and his nuts is my favorite!”


Masterful innuendo

This book is both hilarious to adults and cute for kids. This book really shows you how dirty your mind is compared to that of a child.
You'll have a hard time reading this book without busting a gut, but at the end of the day it says nothing offensive!


Wordplay and witticism

This book is hilarious if you have a sense of humor and realize that while it might seem completely indecent...maybe it isn’t.


I love this children’s book

I enjoyed reading it to my sister who did not get the joke. The more uptight she got, the harder I laughed.


bon mot, Bimisi!

I Got this as a gift for a friends gender reveal. His name is Tony and he has red hair, just like the main character in the book so it was perfect.
They absolutely loved this book and thought I made it or had his name put in it...Other people at the party wanted me to make one with them in it…
they wouldn’t believe me when I tried to explain it doesn’t work that way...It just kept getting funnier and funnier.


Funniest “children’s book” ever...SO FUNNY!

This is a timeless classic - for adults..and children too.


Very funny kid’s book gag

Put Tony’s Nuts in Your Mouth is our new coffee table book. It's sure to bring a smile to the face of your friends and family too.


The wheels on the bus go round and round...

This book is so funny. When you read it to a kid they just don’t understand why you are laughing so hard...
then they start laughing because they think they are supposed too....which makes you laugh even harder....it is a vicious cycle!


This book will make EVERYBODY laugh!

My dad took mine to Colorado, he called me then next day to tell me how hard his friends laughed. We are all having a riot with this book.


Gag gift for any occasion

Perfect gift for all the new moms, dads, aunts, uncles, and grandparents in your life


Still waiting for someone to read it without bursting into laughter!

It is only dirty, if you have a dirty mind, and it seems like everyone does.


Even the back cover is funny!

I purchased this book for a friend who has a newborn twins. We both have a crass sense of humor and laughed like you wouldn’t believe!


Best children's book you will ever read

Maybe because I have children and I my sense of humor is a little off but the authors of this book pull at my heartstrings. Buy this for the kids or buy it for the adults who never grew up.


Perfect baby shower gift

This will absolutely be my “go to” gift for all first time parents. Love it.


If it is funny, it is funny...why fight it?

Gifted this to my best friend and his new child. His wife is pissed...but she never liked me anyway.


Excellent shower present

Got it for a baby shower. The parents love it.


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